Hello, I’m Myne Whitman

Let me tell you a story. Myne Whitman is a pen name but not too long after I started writing online, a reader pointed out that it was an anagram. Myne Whitman = My-New-Hitman.

LOL... I'm not a hit man though.

So who is Myne Whitman?

I am Nkem Akinsoto,  first and foremost a lover and a romantic. I am also the wife of an amazing man who loves me a lot. To the moon and back, and back again :)

Trained as a researcher and project manager, I'm a story teller and writer, and a lover of all things community and Nigeria. I believe strongly in writing down our stories so they're not lost, confused, or told by someone else. Where possible, I also think we should share those stories.

With my project management background, and experience, I was able to make an income from my writing online through blogging, self publishing and social media marketing. A lot of people want to write, and have people read what they have to say, but don't know how to start.

If you are a blogger, self published author, or small-business owner, there is so much to do and learn, and coming online and marketing yourself seems like such a chore.

But it is an important aspect of being successful in what you do, be it in making money from writing or promoting your small business. The world is moving beyond traditional media to obtain information or consume content. Millions of people are online, either creating content or active influencers of virtual communities.

My first novel, A Heart to Mend and the second also, A Love Rekindled, went on to become runaway bestsellers on Amazon.com. This was done purely through blogging, utilising online contacts and word of mouth. A Heart to Mend stayed at #1 in the romance bestselling lists for 6 weeks straight!

The books are available in several bookstores in Nigeria, UK, US, and Canada. You can also order AHTM and ALR from online bookstores including AmazonBarnes and Noble, Smashwords, Tesco, iBookstore for iPad/iPod, and in Nigeria from DebonairstoresIqraBooks, Walahi.com and Kalahari.

I hope you enjoy looking around, and do join me on the other two thriving online projects I've founded so far, Romance Meets Life, or Naijastories.com, a relationship magazine and a community of writers respectively.