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October 10, 2009

It's been two months since I started blogging and going on seven months since I started working on the book, "A Heart to Mend". As most of you know, I have submitted the manuscript for Edward and Gladys' story to the publishers at Authorhouse and the process has started. The print version of the book will be ready either in time for Christmas or soon after.

November 17, 2009

Love Happens, the eBook is ready as promised. Scores to Settle, the sequel is also out now. Thank you all so much to those who have bought the book. The price was $5.99 but in launching this website, I have revised it down to $3.99. So if you've been hungering and thirsting for the Gladys and Edward story, this is the time to download your copy. The link to my store on LULU is on the right side bar.

December 9th 2009

My Book Cover!!!!!

The galley of my book and the mock-up cover arrived yesterday. The cover is the picture shown above and I'm thrilled! I'm not totally satisfied with it but it certainly makes this even more real seeing it.

December 21st 2009

The Hard Copy!!!

I just got my complimentary copy of the novel today. I surprised myself by reading it back to back. i couldn't believe I wrote the book, LOL.

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