About this Series

The Cupid' Risk series was borne out of an idea I came up with in a discussion with my SO. I had read some serial stories on blogville and sometimes wished they could have gone a different way. We wanted to produce a story where the readers were involved and had a say in the direction of the plot.

I also did not feel it necessary to restrict it to some particular people. We are all writers, that is why we blog, and many of us can spin a decent tale. So I threw it out there and the response was so encouraging and effusive that we got through a season in two months with 20 chapters. This time it is season two and more is expected from the story and from all of us.

The interactive story follows the adventures of a 25 year old Iphey who is only 6months gone in her bank job. Her love interest is Chinedu, an engineer with a shady past. It also turns out that Iphey's missing brother in-law had abandoned his family in dire straits.

Romance or mystery, thriller or action, you determine what goes on!

If you're new, welcome. Please enjoy and remember to vote and leave comments on what you want to see in YOUR story. The top tabs will help you get around the site. There is Season one and two, and also the archives for the complete story so far. Contributors are listed as well as the characters that have appeared in the series. To contribute, please use the submissions button for quick attention.

The latest chapter is just below. Sit back, relax and let’s have fun, cheers.

Myne Whitman.


  1. thanks for the invite...
    i PROMISE to do my catching up and contribute some more!

    i hope you are good???

  2. yeah this is a good idea

  3. This is so cool..Have a great weekend.

  4. You got me addicted to cupidsrisk, now i can't get enough. MORE MORE MORE..... Geez, i am really becoming a junkie....
    Ok, next installment, please.

  5. When is the movie/series coming out. Got me prepping for that too.