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Hey people,

So the votes have come in and more people want to read about Iphey and Dapo. The next chapter from Beautiful will be up on Saturday.

In other news, a new Editor has joined the Cupid's Risk Series production team. Her blog name is The Wordsmythe and she has a place over on Wordpress. The Wordsmythe found out about this blog from another reader and came over to see. She's a voracious reader especially of love stories and fiction in general. She's also working towards writing a novel and is currently trying to get into the rhythm of regular writing.

Wordsmythe said she enjoyed reading the story so far and wanted to contribute as it is much less daunting than writing a whole book. More importantly, it would also be an excellent exercise in character and plot development. So she offered her services as a proof reader / copy editor for what's been written so far.

I took a look at her blog and some of her writings over there and welcomed her on board. She will do some editing and later on contribute a chapter or so while I concentrate on the production of the series. Below is her last blog post;


Before I had kids, I never really noticed how big or small people were. They were just people regardless of their size. Weight had never really been an issue for me as I grew up skinny. I could eat as much as I wanted and never put on weight. As a result, my father affectionately nicknamed me ‘Eat-and-grow-thin’, however, that all changed with having kids.

I gained more weight in pregnancy than I could ever have imagined (five stone/ 70lbs/ 32kg. And yes I know the figures in metric and imperial measurements!). This was in spite of maintaining my 4 times a week workout at the gym.

The books told me that on average, pregnant women put on between 25lbs and 35lbs. I was obviously the grand exception to that rule. The midwives constantly reassured me that I was healthy and didn’t need to worry about it as it would all drop off after child birth and with breastfeeding.

Alas! That was not the case either. I’ve had to work extremely hard for every pound of fat I’ve lost.

Read the complete story at The Wordsmythe Blog and leave comments too.


Please let me know your thoughts...Cheers!


  1. Going over to check her blog now...

  2. I really liked the tone of Wordsmythe's piece. It was contemplative without being self-pitying; I should check out more of her stuff. :)

  3. Myne, thanks for the grand introduction and the red carpet treatment. I'm really looking forward to contributing to this exciting project.

    Harry and F, thanks. I hope you find time to stop my blog and post some comments.

  4. Going to her blog now...

  5. at her blog now
    welcome wordsmythe