Update: Chinedu is at the door!

So the votes are in and more people by a long shot want it to be Chinedu at the door. Hopefully, we'll find out what's up with the disappearing James in the later Chapters and if Ngozi has to chose between him and Otunba. how come many people do not like Otunba? Let's some love to widowers please. Come Saturday, we'll know what happens between Iphey and Chinedu. Will there be fireworks, will they reconcile, decide it's all over, what? Stay tuned.

By the way, you guys don't want to be in my shoes right now, or maybe you do. Once the votes for Chinedu started pilling ahead, I received two submissions in quick succession that saw Iphey and Chinedu facing each other at the door. They are both fantastic, believe me. What I am thinking now is which one to use, maybe I should show you guys both or even merge it. Oh well, the joys of a producer. I love it! I'm sure I will find a way to bring out the best enjoyment for all of us. Keep the comments coming please, they help me tailor the directions of the story.

Thank you.

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PPS, Have a great weekend all...


  1. The intrigue! I think blending different points of view will be good for the story, Myne... I don't think Otunba is bad o- me no likey James. The bors' time has expired. Full stop.

  2. dnt fink otunba means bad. mayb u shld merge the 2 stories.

  3. How come I cannot comment on the Naija Stories blog?

  4. I guess being the producer, you know what your vision for the story is. Plus, with your experience you would know which one is better so you could choose. I'm not sure how well two different writers' takes on the situation will blend... My opinion sha...

  5. I'm not sure about Otunba...but I want James and Ngozi to work things out.....You probably should post both versions

  6. Anonymous8:53 PM PDT

    I think you should post both and let us vote on a continuation... make sense?

  7. Thanks for the comments. Glad to know that not everyone hates Otunba, lol.

    @Arin, thanks for that vote of confidence. I will do my best.

    @Anonymous, Yeah makes sense but to be honest, both stories move the story in the same direction. Anyway, I think I will post both.

  8. Hi Harry, anyone can post comments on Naijastories but I'll check that out. BTW, are you following the site? That could help.

  9. I think you should just merge it since it moves in same direction. Me like Otunba.

  10. i am a romantic
    help James
    that sob story is not good enough
    clean up his act so Ngozi won't mind getting together with him
    i would rather Ngozi goes back to James but let her show him
    and get commitment from him.

  11. Thanks Shorty

    @Tisha, OK o, I think I like James too but we'll see.

  12. YAY!!
    lookn forward to it :-))