Update: More on Chinedu

So the votes are in and more people want to read more about Chinedu. Hopefully, we'll find out what happens between him and Iphey after the 'Kiss'. Also some background, was he really an arm-robber, why and when did he stop? Come Saturday, we'll find out all that and more? The contributor for the next chapter is my SO Atala Wala, so stay tuned.


Have you voted on the contest going on at Naijastories.com? There are quite a few bloggers taking part and lots of lovely stories from talented Nigerian writers. Please go over and show them some love by voting for who you think should win. If you think you can write, send and email to info@ naijastories.com to become a contributor. There are other contests coming up.

ps, Have a great weekend you'all...


  1. Yay! The Chinedus have it. Now i wish saturday was a few minutes away:(

  2. Like Myne has said, you all should vote..
    Crazy there right now..
    Can't wait for need episode..

  3. Awww... Love nwantintin... So na the famous SO dey write the next one? LOL. Looking forward to it. :D

    P.S. Would it be too forward to ask where the name "Atala Wala Wala" came from?