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Review on Sylva Nze Ifedigbo's weblog: Myne Whitman’s book, A Heart to Mend...shows that we do not only fall in love and marry for love, we also use love to conquer a wide range of situations that could have ordinarily been a bit difficult to shoulder alone.

Nigeria Press Release: December 29, 2009 --(PR.com) Nigerian author Myne Whitman has written a captivating first novel that presents the gripping tale of a young woman finding her feet in the world and how her life intersects with that of the wealthy egoist she meets.

UK Press Release: Book Title: A HEART TO MEND
Author: Myne Whitman; First Published: AuthorHouse, December 12, 2009

MiMi Magazine Blog: On The Future ... I definitely plan on writing more books...

GidiLounge Review: The simplicity, clarity and rhythm of the writing will draw you deeper into the book feeling what the characters feel. The elements of mystery and suspense allow the characters in the book grow, becoming insync and aware of their surroundings.

Critical Literature Review: “A Heart to Mend” which is the author’s d├ębut offering comes with many more pluses than minuses and gives an indication that this author is one to be watched for even richer outings in the future.

US Press Release: PR Log (Press Release) – Dec 27, 2009 – Direct and action packed, the masterful use of emotion and suspense will keep readers totally engrossed and guessing till the end.

Mynaijanews: The author has used a writing style that is simple and direct, with lots of descriptive detail...

Nigeria Village Square: "...the author has...two characters who engage our sympathies and who we find wanting to triumph over the odds that are thrown their way."

WeRunThings: The themes of premarital sex, social class mobility, and romantic ups and downs that mark a budding love are fully explored.

Talkaholic: ...what is more compelling is the drama that she conjures up as the identities and motives of the main actors in the takeover become clear, and the relationship between Gladys and Edward is threatened.

Linda Ikeji: A HEART TO MEND will bring tears to the eyes and cheers at the end especially for those who have experienced the search for a career or tumultuous family and emotional relationships.

MyNewsDesk Press Release

Olamild Entertainment: "A breath of fresh air. When you pick up Nkem Akinsoto aka Myne Whitman's debut novel, A Heart to Mend you wont drop it till you have reached its last page."

Afrogist TV: "Extra plot layers, a strong sense of place, three-dimensional antagonists, secondary characters with their own stories..."

National Daily Newspaper: "Women are better communicators than men..."

GidiLounge: "a novel of romantic suspense packed with love, business intrigue and family reunions".

Jaguda.Com: "Whitman writes!"

The Bookaholic: "Myne mend our hearts."

People in the limelight: "An inspiring writer...an inspiring story."

Magical Chip Bag: "A writer thus has to persevere..."

Spesh's World: Paparazzi: Virtual Tour Promo Interview.

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