A Heart to Mend comes to town.


NIGERIANS and literary lovers who have been longing to get their hands on the new novel by new kid on the literary block, Myne Whitman can now heave a sigh of relief as A Heart to Mend has come to town. Last week, at the a media presentation, Magic Wand Publishing, unveiled the Nigerian edition of the debut novel that presents the gripping tale of a young woman finding her feet in the world and how her life intersects with that of the wealthy egoist she meets.

According to Adewumi Adeyemi Fabarebo of Magic Wand publishers, A Heart To Mend has come Nigeria and has been circulated across the country.
“I am happy to announce that the book is now available in major book stores across the country. You can now go to the book stores and grab your copy,” he announced.

At the presentation held at the Down Syndrome Association of Nigeria centre at Surulere, the organization that takes care of people living with Down Syndrome of which the author is a partner, journalists were availed a copy of the book and interacted with the representatives of the author who is based in the United States of America (USA) and was not present. One of the many questions that came up was if Myne Whitman is a Nigerian. Adewumi explained that the author is a full blooded Nigeria.

“The author's real names are Nkem Akinsoto, she is also known as Myne Whitman. She is a Nigerian writer. Myne Whitman is a name she coined herself while still in secondary school and is a play on the transliterated words of her maiden name, Nkem Okotcha . She grew up in the academic city of Enugu and studied Biological Sciences at the Nnamdi Azikiwe University Awka, in Anambra State before going to do her post graduate studies in the United Kingdom. undergraduate level in Nigeria, then went She presently lives with the husband in the US,” he informed.
A Heart To Mend narrates the relationship between Gladys and Edward and offers a unique reading experience. Direct and action packed, the masterful use of emotion and suspense will keep readers totally engrossed and guessing till the end.

Sheltered Gladys Eborah has spent most of her life in a suburb of Enugu brought up in a deprived single parent household after losing her father as a young girl. After finishing her education, she moves to Lagos to seek a job and moves in with an estranged aunt who now wants to be forgiven for all perceived wrongs. Gladys suspects Aunt Isioma abandoned them out of disdain for their poverty, and has the uneasy role of the bridge between both families.

Her new friendships and career achievements gradually transition Gladys into an independent young woman. Soon, she begins to fall for wealthy Edward Bestman who, though physically attracted to her, is emotionally unavailable. Edward is very wealthy, but he is haunted by the past of his illegitimate birth and other secrets he will not share.

The themes of premarital sex, social class mobility, and romantic ups and downs that mark a budding love are fully explored. However, Myne Whitman takes the story even further. Some unnamed people are about to take over Edward's business empire and Gladys is implicated. Filled with suspense and twists that will make one keep turning the next page in a bid to find what lies ahead, any prospective reader of this novel better be prepared to be taken through a jolly romantic ride through a beautifully woven story of love, friendship and victory in a Nigerian perspective as readers will be pleasantly surprised by the description of Lagos, the Nigerian stock market, and other business intrigues. Myne Whitman weaves an interesting story that elevates Nigerian literature to the next level. Adewumi urged Nigerians to go out an get a copy of the A Heart To Mend and stand a chance of winning so many appealing prizes.


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