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Mariam Olagunju

Nigerian Author, Myne Whitman presents her first novel titled “A Heart to Mend”. This Intriguing novel tells the story of Glady’s Eborah, a young woman, in the midst of perusing a better life for herself and family and how she falls for the young wealthy business man, Edward Bestman. Their love story intertwines with sub-plots of abandoned relatives, business rivals/acquisitions and family reunions.

This story, set in modern day Nigeria begins as Gladys, a young woman raised by a single mother in Enugu moves to Lagos in search of a job and to further complete her education with the help of an estranged aunt who now seeks forgiveness for all her wrongs and neglect. This unexpected gesture by Aunt Isioma leaves Gladys suspicious of her intentions.

With the help of her new friends and lifestyle, Gladys soon becomes a sophisticated young lady and begins to fall for good-looking, super rich but emotionally scarred Edward Bestman. As their romance gets heated, events from Edwards past begin to resurface which threaten to destroy their relationship.

Caught In the middle of their emotional struggle, Edward learns that unidentified investors are about to take over his company and finds out Glady’s may be involved. Will Gladys and Edward’s relationship survive the strain? Will Edward be able to regain full control over his business?

The author illustrates the relationship between the characters in a three dimensional light, giving insight to their backgrounds, fears and personal lives.

Filled with questions and themes of clashing backgrounds, societal class, premarital sex, family feuds and personal scandals, this book will have you flipping through the pages anxiously. The simplicity, clarity and rhythm of the writing will draw you deeper into the book feeling what the characters feel. The elements of mystery and suspense allow the characters in the book grow, becoming insync and aware of their surroundings.

Overall, this novel is very entertaining. It brings you back to the realities of life: how fragile love can be and the realizations of trust and fear. Having it written by a Nigerian author is only a plus. It’s a reading experience you will love.


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