Myne Whitman Exposed

By Chika Onyenezi

If you eavesdrop, you might have heard about Myne Whitman and her book, A heart to Mend. The author is based in United States of America and writes from there. She has done a lot to promote literature in general: setting up popular blogs and her websites has promoted a lot of new authors (yes it was from her site I got to know about Adimchinma Ibe). She is the publisher Naija Stories. But we know little about her life and I think a writer deserves much more than just books and sales. Walking down the literary lane can be a stressful one and I think Myne Whitman has started hers quite well, but let’s not conclude till we hear from the romance writer herself. Maybe after this interview we might fall in love with her, I hope she accommodates us all. Roses are red, violet blue; listen to Myne Whitman with love in this interview with Chika Onyenezi.

Q.(Chika ONYENEZI): Who is Myne Whitman?

A. (Myne WHITMAN): Myne Whitman is a pen name I coined myself while still in secondary school and is a play on the transliterated words of my maiden name. Three words for me, friendly, caring and fun-loving. I have been a teacher, NGO consultant, banker, skate-hire attendant, researcher and government worker. After a postgrad degree and a few years in Edinburgh, I now live in Seattle with my husband. A Heart to Mend is my first novel.

Q.(Chika ONYENEZI): I came across a review of your work in Vanguard and it pointed out that there where errors in your work (A heart to Mend), what do have to say about that?

A. (Myne WHITMAN): I take total responsibility for any errors in the book. I will certainly be more careful with the next book.

Q.(Chika ONYENEZI): As a writer, how do feel?

A. (Myne WHITMAN): Very accomplished since A Heart to Mend was published. It is satisfying to know that people are reading your book.

Q.(Chika ONYENEZI): Do you have any new work in the queue?

A. (Myne WHITMAN): Yes I am working on another manuscript of romantic fiction with the working title, Ghost of the Past.

Q.(Chika ONYENEZI):Please share with us?

A. (Myne WHITMAN): It is about Efe and Kevwe who fell in love with each other as teenagers and were separated by circumstances outside their control. They meet again over a decade later and sparks begin to fly. Will they be able to recapture lost love?

Q.(Chika ONYENEZI): Who inspired you to write?

A. (Myne WHITMAN): I will say I inspired myself to write. There were just so many ideas, thoughts and dreams in my head that I had to write out. But I have been influences by other writers I read including Mills and Boon authors and some Nigerian writers including Buchi Emecheta, Helen Ovbiagele among others.

Q.(Chika ONYENEZI):Will you call A Heart to Mend a bestseller?

A. (Myne WHITMAN): Not yet, but we're getting there. Ask me at the end of the year.

Q.(Chika ONYENEZI): Please I have one silly question for a romance queen, how did you meet your husband?

A. (Myne WHITMAN): LOL...I met him online, he was captivated by my poems and other writing and had to meet me. We took it from there.

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