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By Misha Matews

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1. Tell us something about yourself.

Myne Whitman is a pen name. I have lived in Nigeria and the UK and now live with my husband in Bellevue, Washington. I volunteer as an ESL tutor for Hopelink, a local charity. I have worked as a banker, a teacher, a skate-hire attendant and in the civil service before going back to writing full-time.
I am the publisher and managing editor of Naija Stories, a critique website for Nigerian writers. I am also a member of the Seattle Eastside Writers Meetup and the Pacific Northwest Writers Association. A Heart to Mend is my first novel.

2. What is "A Heart to Mend" about?

A Heart to Mend narrates a love story and a journey of self-discovery. Newly graduated Gladys moves to Lagos and a new job gradually transitions her into an independent young woman. When she meets Edward, a wealthy businessman, she is cynical of his advances but falls in love with him. Edward is physically attracted to Gladys but is not ready to give his heart. He is haunted by the past of his illegitimate birth and other secrets. Just as he starts to open up, Gladys finds herself embroiled in a plot to take over his business empire. Their happiness is in jeopardy and Gladys has to find a way to prove her innocence. Will Edward trust her enough to give love a chance?

3.What were your influences in writing this book?

I was pushed to write a story, one that people would want to read and which would make them think. I know from personal experience that a lot of us close up our hearts to other people due to one reason or the other. I wanted to write a love story of self discovery where we can say, "It's okay to love and to accept love."

4. Was the writing process easy or difficult?

A Heart to Mend actually came from a short story I had written earlier. So that stood for the outline and then I just wrote. It took about two months to finish and then another five months to redraft and edit. Altogether, it took me about 8months and so I would say it was a bit easy.

5. What would you be, if not a writer?

I would be working in the health policy or advocacy field. That is the other thing I’m passionate about. Also I studied Public Health and Research at a Masters degree level.

6. Do you have any other books planned? Yes I do. My work in progress manuscript is tentatively titled, Ghost of the Past. It is about Efe and Kevwe who fell in love with each other as teenagers and were separated by circumstances outside their control. They meet again over a decade later and sparks begin to fly. The book follows how they’re able to recapture lost love. There will also be other novels after that one.

Random Questions:
3 books you can't live without – The Bible, An Atlas and a dictionary.
Favorite Movie - Titanic
Favorite Singer/band – Celine Dion
Favorite TV Show - Castle

Would you like to say anything else? One thing I want readers to come away with having read A HEART TO MEND is to look at life and love in a new way. I want them to realise that the past is a baggage and sometimes we don't need to hold on to it. It is a burden that may be capable of denying us the good things in life including love, success, happiness and peace of mind.

Finally, thanks for giving me this opportunity on your blog.


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