Myne Whitman dazzles at Pen Society's Soul Storm Soiree

Source The National Life newspapers

Pen Society's Soul Storm Soiree is a literary society that operates on a monthly basis. This particular event stages, Hope is a Nigerian, a poetic performance, or rather play with words by one Efe, who worked part time as a journalist. What a wonderful performance!

The venue of this event is Rotunda Hall, at The National Library Complex, Yaba, Lagos. All the invited guest authors were not comfortable due to the dilapidated state of the hall, with the Air Conditioners left without service. Thank God! The Public Address systems were Ok. And one could hear loud and clear.

It's quite wonderful to have your emotions moved by spoken words…and mingle with people with like minds. Looking around the room filled with book lovers one would feel like being in 7th Heaven…all these people are here all because of literature. All young people…and few elders, quite impressive!

There were so many other performances like The Hope By Cornerstone. Cornerstone's Performance reminds one of Beautiful Nubia's style of music, mixed with lots and lots of proverbs and wise words in the lyrics. And he almost looks like beautiful Nubia with the dreadlocks (and the African wear).

The Africa Song also by Cornerstone was soul touching. Here are a few of its lyrics/words, “Our parents have failed us… our leaders have failed us. Nigeria will be green again… Is being an African a crime? Being a blackman means you are sentenced to poverty and death for life. Africa is our home.”

Our culture was not left out as some artiste like Adisa performed in their local dialect (Yoruba)… “Odoo do lo do to do dodo lati lodo”.

Why is it that some Yoruba peiole always have this difficulty in pronouncing H… or always end up putting H in front of the letter A. That was what the Male presenter was all about. For example: He was Halways Hasking us to clap our hands after…”

Then came the main event, which was an Interactive session with the celebrity Authors they had invited. A former Honourable of the House of Representatives, Hon. Olawale Oshun and also the National Chairman, Afenifere Renewal Group and this renown writer, Myne Whitman, the author of A Heart To Mend novel. From all indications, a lot of people were eager to meet her. One could hear some voices say, 'I have heard so much about this woman.' Another voice says, I have been secretly savouring the day I would meet my idol and my editor at

Myne Whitman answered questions from the audience and the female anchor on the reasons for choosing her pen name and a few things about her romance Novel, A heart To Mend. Which was set in the Nigerian scene. It's a love story about Edward a Big shot wealthy Managing Director and Gladys, a poor girl who just recently moved from Enugu to Lagos. Myne also talked about the challenges of Publishing and being a full time writer.

One couldn't wait for the session to be over before grabbing a copy of her book and having it autographed by her. And the frigging queue at the GTB ATM just down the street almost prevented that from happening. Many people got the book and snapped a few photographs with Myne. Myne left immediately after the Interactive session.

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