Guest Writer - A Day in God's Will

Interview and Guest Post with Remi Banjo of ADIGW

I am a fan of what you do! Have you always been a writer and if not, what made you turn to writing?

I have always been a writer I’ll say. I started writing as a child as a way to channel my imagination, and as a quiet bookworm who preferred my own company, it came naturally to me to spend hours alone, scribbling. I continued writing till I got my first proper job, as a marketer in a bank, and became too busy. I started writing again, and this time more career-oriented, when I got married, moved to a new country, again, and decided I preferred being a stay-at-home mother.

Last year you published your debut novel A Heart To Mend and it has done really well and broken barriers. How was the book-writing process and what did it feel like to have your name in print?

It was a really interesting process. When I started, I did not immediately know I would self-publish. It was exciting starting up my blog, and getting comments and feedback from people. I had joined a writing meet-up group as a way of becoming social, but their critique also fired up my writing instinct. As I read and followed diverse media sites, I came across the idea of publishing myself and when I felt the time was right? I released the book. I felt really emotional and it was satisfying to see the book for the first time, I had to read it all again so it could sink in that I was now an author.

You seem to have an enviable drive and hunger to succeed as a writer. How do you enforce discipline to write and complete projects?

It must be something innate because I really cannot fully explain it. One thing I do know is that one of the words of knowledge God blessed me with was to “do everything your hands find to do with all your might”, and it has been a boon at all times. I am also lucky not to have any other job to distract me, and a wonderful partner and husband, who pushes and holds me up when I begin to flag.

What future plans (that you can share) should we look out for, concerning your writing career?

Well, it’s no secret that I’ll be publishing more books. Some I will publish myself and others, maybe through other publishers. My second book is titled ‘A Love Rekindled‘, and it will be released this March through CreateSpace, Amazon’s book printers.