The path to true love does not run smooth

Adura Ojo reviews A Love Rekindled

Efe and Kevwe are two young people who fall in love while at University. They both attend University of Benin in Nigeria, Kevwe being a few years ahead. The book opens with Efe having a 'Kevwe nightmare' and the reader is made aware of the fact that she has been getting quite a few of those since she and Kevwe broke up seven years before. From then on, the story is told back and forth with flashbacks and dates. It works but it takes a while to adjust to the back and forth, perhaps due to the rather short sequences of scenes. Once the reader settles to the pattern of scenes and sequences, one starts to enjoy the 'back and forth' storytelling and flashbacks which are in fact an intrinsic aspect of moving the plot forward.

The reader realises that the path to true love does not run smooth and wants to get to the bottom of why this is so and also how it is resolved...

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