Live To Read: Review of A Heart To Mend

Live To Read: A Heart To Mend: Myne Whitman: "SHE HAS AN OPEN FUTURE Gladys moves to live with an estranged aunt in Lagos and to continue her search for a job. Before long she lands the ..."

Does your past still affect your future? There are several plots to this novel, but one main one: the divide between Gladys and Edward. Gladys's aunt cut all ties with her family for apparently no reason. The reader gets to understand Gladys's aunt via Gladys's investigating. Edward has a mysterious, closed past. The reader will get to know Edward on a friendly level and delve into his past. Gladys is a sympathetic and dynamic character; the reader will enjoy her emotions and actions, especially her dialogue. Her character pulls the whole novel together. The novel details how separation, even emotionally, from a partner can ruin the partnership if the person does not accept his partner as trustworthy. Edward's business is at risk. Will he trust Gladys? The reader will read on, avidly, to find out. The novel has a way of drawing the reader in; the book itself is very well-written and the plot works with the characters. This book is recommended for adults who enjoy books about relationships and trust.


  1. I have to read your book. Are you coming to England anytime soon?

  2. Hello Mykey, I hope to visit soon. Please keep checking back.

  3. I dont.
    i prefer books on scifi, alien worlds and cool gadgets or some improbable theory backed by physics. yeah add menacing killer robots to that mix

    but I DO ENJOY reading YOU, dear "Myne myne, myne mo" (thats how I remember you often , *chuckle*)


  4. Mancee, long time! Thanks so much!