A LOVE REKINDLED - Coffee Time Romance Review

3 cups of altogether sweet coffee. Read the full review from the CTR site.

A LOVE REKINDLED - Coffee Time Romance & More:

"Efe Sagay has built a life for herself after traveling to America and working hard in school. She has no current relationship, having recently ended the one that meant nothing to her. Her heart was broken long ago by Kevwe, her former fiancé, and now that she has moved back to Nigeria, she knows she is bound to run into him again. Will she be able to get past the hurt of yesterday and find the love she thought she lost?

Kevwe is heartbroken when he hears the woman who so long ago abandoned him in his time of need is now back in town. Efe was the one woman he ever really loved, and the passion he feels for her has not cooled in the time they have been apart. Will he be willing to hear of her innocence in their breakup? Or has too much water passed under the bridge?"

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