I'm included in the 50 Nigerians who made a Difference in 2011

"If there's anyone in recent years that have been vibrantly and unselfishly promoting Nigerian literature, that person has to be Nkem Akinsoto. Akinsoto, the author of two romantic novels 'A Heart To Mend' and 'A Love Rekindled', is however popularly known by her pen name 'Myne Whitman', a transliteration of her maiden name Nkem Okotcha, which she adopted as a secondary school student in Enugu.

Armed with a Masters degree in Public Health, Whitman who describes herself as “friendly, caring and fun-loving”, nowadays prefers to write, blog, and promote literature. A member of the Pacific Northwest Writers Association, she extends her tentacles to Nigeria via robust posts and criticisms on social media and most especially naijastories.com, a website she founded to promote and support Nigerian literature."

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