Myne Whitman: Telling the Naija stories

"Romance fiction may seems too escapist for some people, but for the writer, “If a reader wants to escape through a romance novel, that is perfectly okay, the world is tough enough as it is.”

She shares that she receives a large number of fans’ mails letting her know that her stories have given them an insight they never had. On profitability, Whitman’s first book, A Heart to Mend, occupied the first position on the AmazonUK Kindle store for romantic suspense. To date, over 20,000 copies have been downloaded. Her second book, A Love Rekindled, was at the top of the bestseller list for one of the major books stores in Lagos between August and September. But, regardless of the number of copies sold, the writer appreciates that her stories can help readers make sense of the world around them."

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