If you want to contribute to this interactive story and have people read your work, Send an email to the producer using the form below for a quick reply. Please use an active address and you'll get a response within a week. If you have a sample of your writing somewhere online, please include a link or paste your work directly in the email. If you only leave a comment, I may not be able to contact you for further information.

These are the guidelines;

-Read the story so far and understand the characters and plot
-Contributors can introduce new characters whose stories can fit into the main story.
-Keep chapters consistent with previous entries along the chosen story line.
-No abrupt changes unless the chapter explains the reason for it.
-This blog is not restricted so while love scenes are allowed, no graphics please.
-For each chapter ending, there is a minimum of two and maximum of five lead offs.
-Chapter submissions should be between 500 and 750 words.
-I reserve the right to edit as necessary but will try to keep changes to submitted chapters to a minimum.
-There will be two chapters a week; two days for voting and same for a contributor to get a story ready.
-Contributors will be acknowledged on their chapter and linked with a short bio written by the producer.

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