Cupid's Risk - A Collaborative Blogger Story

IPHEY: A 25 years old lady who recently moved to Lagos from Port Harcourt with a new job in Diamond Bank. She is quiet and a 'good' girl.

CHINEDU: Iphey's love interest. They were introduced and met through a blind date where he confessed his hell raising past. Since then it has been one rocky patch after the other as they try to negotiate a relationship that works for them.

AISHA: Iphey's best friend who linked her up with Chinedu. She is married and wants Iphey to be settled too.

NGOZI: Iphey's older sister. She is married but her husband has been missing for the past three years. She plays the role of a single parent to her asthmatic son.

MAMA IPHEY: Iphey's mum. She is of the meddling and match-making type. She gets on Iphey's last nerves with marriage queries but is a pillar of support for both Iphey and Ngozi.

TJ: Aisha's husband.

JAMES: Ngozi's missing husband. It has been shown that he actually abandoned his family due to financial woes. He has decided to keep away despite Iphey's pleas to return.

OBI: Iphey's six years old nephew and Ngozi's son.

HABIB: Aisha's brother and also a close friend to Chinedu. He works as an officer in the EFCC.

BISI: Iphey's colleague at work. She pretends to be a friend while doing only what benefits her interest in the office without regard whether it affects Iphey negatively.

FUNMI: Iphey's immediate boss. She is jealous and uses Iphey's inexperience on the job to get back at her. She is on very good terms with Bisi and colludes with her to harass Iphey.

AYO: The branch manager at Iphey's office. He does not hide his hots for Iphey and this makes his previous lover, Funmi, even madder at Iphey.

TUNDE: Another work colleague of Iphey.

OTUNBA: A Suitor who starts courting Ngozi, Iphey's sisters a couple of years after the disappearance of her husband. Their mother does not like him.

ALHAJI GALADIMA: Chinedu's benefactor. A police officer who works with informants willing to give details of criminal activities.

GBENRO: An informant and former colleague of Chinedu while he lived a dangerous life.

DABARU: An Ajegunle gang boss. Chinedu's former leader in criminal activities.


  1. Funny how i actually needed dis character sketch.

  2. You're welcome dear. I knew some might need it especially newer readers.

  3. LOL! I love the characterisation of Mama Iphey... She is basically every Nigerian mother! lol... Annoying at times but a pillar of strength always... I miss my mummy... :(