A Breath of Fresh Air!

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When you pick up Nkem Akinsoto aka Myne Whitman's debut novel, A Heart to Mend you wont drop it till you have reached its last page. A story of the relationship between a young woman, Gladys, who falls in love with a rich businessman when she moves to Lagos, A Heart to Mend would take you through emotions of love, angst, passion, happiness, pity, and irritation all at once.

And many would relate to the book as it is about a young woman, Gladys who moves to a big city as much as it is about an Oil company executive...it is also about family ties and the challenges families often face; as we would find how Gladys' gradually resolves the mystery of why her aunt cut all ties with their family.

More than anything this book is a breath of fresh air - very different from the stereotypical images portrayed in most books regarding the continent. Far from stories propagating wars, disasters, poverty, anger, or colonization...this is just plain easy feel good read like a top selling novel sitting on the Romance aisle at Borders or Barnes and Nobles.


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