Upcoming Book - A Heart to Mend


This novel is a romance novel based in Lagos, Nigeria. It tells the story of two Nigerian protagonists, Gladys and Edward, and how they found true love together in spite of the obstacles they faced.

A Heart to Mend can best be described as romantic suspense. It has been proved that the best romantic novels are the ones that go beyond the genre. What does this mean? It means that while the main narrative of a romance novelmay be the story of love between the main characters, there has to be much more. Extra plot layers, a strong sense of place, three-dimensional antagonists, secondary characters with their own stories—all these are important. A hero and heroine whose worlds are large and who have other interests beyond just their love for each other is also key. The suspense is tightened because the point-of-view is from both major characters.

The story of Gladys and Edward is set in Lagos, Nigeria at a time of turmoil in the country’s financial environment as several institutions were overhauled. Edward is the chief Executive of a conglomerate listed on the stock exchange. Gladys finds a job in a foremost oil company. Other characters in the book include industrialists, bankers, stock brokers, and many more. Several themes run through the plot including illegitimacy, premarital sex, cross-cultural romance, and marrying socially upwards. On the business angle, share price manipulation, margin trading and high powered business acquisitions form the subplot of the book.


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