Whitman Writes!


Nkem Akinsoto aka Myne Whitman is a Nigerian writer/editor based in Seattle, USA, and currently writes on her website www.mynewwhitmanwrites.com. Her blog runs a web-based naija blogsville interactive story on www.mynewhitmanwrites.com. The blog started out with excerpts from a manuscript she was writing which she has now self-published via AuthorHouse.

Nkem Akinsoto has released a novel by the title, "A Heart To Mend." It is a romance novel based in Lagos, Nigeria. It tells the story of two Nigerian protagonists, Gladys and Edward, and how they found true love together in spite of the obstacles they faced.

The book will become available on the publishers website by the end of this month and on Amazon January 2010, so definitely get a copy.

We've had a chance to read her blog and read a sample copy of the book, and I have to say she is definitely great. Recommended by us.


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