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It is an honor to partner with the Reading Bridges Magazine to support their Library Port project. Spear headed by Mina Ogbanga and Timothy Ogene, RB is based and operates out of Port Harcourt Nigeria and works to improve literacy and the reading culture in their community. Ten percent (10%) of all copies of A Heart to Mend sold in PH goes to Reading Bridges and Library Port. The picture is of an interview I did for the magazine. Below is a brief profile of the organization as placed on their Facebook page HERE, join the page and support reading and writing in Nigeria.

Reading bridges is a strategic and Independent magazine committed to pursuing a vigorous presence for reading in our culture. It exists primarily to discover and celebrate the best in literary works and to place it before the largest possible audience.

We want to be able to establish our reputation by being the 'first to let people know' in the literary world as well highlight classic authors. We hope to succeed, decades from now, to present works by virtually all major contemporary writers in a way that steers interest for reading in our target audience and inspire them to move from debate to action for a better and more peaceful society.

We want to creaet a platform for active Writer-Reader interaction.

Hopefully, with our spirited criticism, imaginative features and eclectic mix of writers and 'readers' alike,we hope to become, by common consensus, a credible information gateway for lovers of literary works and ultimately reclaim our lost reading culture.


Explore innovative ways to introduce and promote a wide selection of contemporary and classic literary works/writers while creating the platform for Writer-Reader interface as a strategic way of encouraging the art of reading which translates to a better society.

1. Gabriel Okara Short Story Competition: This is quarterly contest aimed at encouraging the art of writing among young Africans.
2. Prof. Nimi Briggs poetry Contest
3. Rural Library Makeover: In Partnership with celebrities and top designers we raise funds to renovate libraries in rural communities across Nigeria. 
4. Character Building Club: The club is designed to build the capacity of young people to embrace noble attitudes and lifestyles.

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