Iphey will you marry me? ...by Tisha and Myne

Chinedu picked Iphey up at seven after work on a Friday evening. Iphey wore black pants, a burgundy camisole and black short sleeved classy jacket. Today was special and so it deserved the special concern. It was three months since she had got together with Chinedu and everyday was a revelation of how good they were together. She smiled to herself as she went to the ladies and slipped on silver filigree earrings, slid on some gloss and did her eye makeup sprinkling loose powder sparsely on her face.

Chinedu waited for her downstairs and she traipsed down in her heels and got into his car, smiling a hello and buckling her seatbelt as they headed for Surulere to one of the tasteful fast food places on Adeniran Ogunsanya way. They ordered and began chatting idly about their families, careers, hobbies and values, Iphey chatted on with no guile and Chinedu listened enraptured.

He murmured and added words that showed he was focused on the conversation as opposed to some of the other guys and richie wannabes she had been out with. He was not like most guys, he did not pretend to hear what she was saying and then launch into his own project and he actually listened to her. He must have a lot of practice she thought and then she stopped talking as she noticed he was watching her intently, different emotions moving across his face, too fast for her to decipher.

She stopped talking and laughed at Chinedu.

“What’s up? You are staring at me like…” she shook her head then waved her hand in front of her face “…I can’t explain the look.”

Chinedu glanced at her his gaze open and his look sincere.

“I am looking at you because…” he pausing swallowing, an Adam apple she hardly saw bobbing at his throat “I am humbled because I know that I could never have met you in twenty lifetimes if God did not lead you
to me”.

Iphey looked her Chinedu, blinked, looked at him again, she couldn't stop the tears that came to her eyes. She wanted to laugh but instead she just said, “you know you drive me crazy right?”

He just stroked the hand she laid on his thigh.

She smiled through the tears and blubbered, “when I think I have you figured, you find a way to break my defenses however small they are…”


“Wait, let me finish…” she blinked to clear her eyes. “I wanted to give you a chance but I needed to do it on my own terms…” she looked away like he caught her in a lie or something, “…with barriers so I could maintain a resemblance of safety. But every time I think I am safe, secure, you slam through my defenses like they're a pack of cards, disarming me with simple gestures, simple words."

"Listen to me..."

"No let me finish." Iphey shook her head. "I can’t but reveal all of me to you…” she sighed in exasperation “…you make it impossible for me to hold anything back from you”.


“Please, let me get it all off my chest, I have feelings for you. I fought it with all I had like I do everything else, I looked for everything, every reason why I couldn’t be with you, I counseled me, gave me all the logical equations that should make sense but it all failed and I am afraid…” she shook visibly “…I am in love with you.”

Chinedu could not keep quiet after that declaration. “Iphey, I love you too. Sometimes I feel it so much it scares me. That was what kept me coming back to you even at those early stages you were so busy pushing me away. I am in love with you too and I promise to do everything within my power to keep your heart safe.”

Iphey wiped away the tears that had started dripping again. “Every passion I feel is reserved for you alone,” she murmured her eyes glittering, her gaze was trapped in Chinedu’s.

Chinedu laughed and said, “Iphey, I want to grow old with you, I may not be perfect but be reassured that I love you more than my life.”

Iphey laughed and then she murmured “I can be so silly and fussy sometimes…” she muttered looking down and then she gazed into his eyes. “I am not usually like this, you bring out the unusual in me.”

“No Iphey…” Chinedu protested as he gazed into her eyes reassuring her “I love you cheerful or crying, it’s an adventure getting to know you and love all the different parts of you.”



Iphey turned her gaze on Chinedu and he froze in place, her heart slammed in her chest as she noticed the effect she had on him; and she wondered at the power he had over her. There was this great upheaval inside her and she knew that come what may, she would always be connected to Chinedu. There was no stopping this and no running away any longer; it was time she faced up to it.

“Chinedu, everyday with you is an adventure and it’s the ride of my life, I don’t know what tomorrow holds but I know this, God has got us…”

“Iphey, the first day I saw you, I knew you were meant for me…” He paused as he saw Iphey frozen in fear, visibly shaking, he drew in a sharp breath and “…I know it has taken a while, me getting you to believe in me and what I am about…” he gazed steadily into her eyes, “…but even though I am not certain what the future holds, I know great things are in store for us, there is so much promise and so much greatness ahead of us, all we need to do is take each day as it comes trusting ourselves and trusting in God.”

Iphey smiled and seemed about to speak and then thought to herself, ‘This man is the man of my dreams, I am in such a wealthy place, my fears still speak, they tell me if I ever lost him, but would fall; my faith though speaks louder, it tells me this man was created just for me and that if I can just take God’s hands and trust him, we are in for the greatest adventure ever lived’

Iphey smiled and hugged Chinedu with everything she had in her slight frame.

He pulled away slightly after a short kiss and looked into her face. Iphey noticed he was avoiding looking into her eyes.

"What is it?" She asked.

"Nothing." He hedged.

"Nedu spit it out," she laughed. "I know you too well. What are you trying to hide from me?"

He laughed and finally met her gaze. Chinedu took a deep breath and took both her hands. "I did not plan to say this today or here or even this way..."

Iphey was confused. Was this the end? After the happy declarations of a few minutes ago? "Chinedu, what is it? Did I say something wrong?"

"No, no, of course not!" He moved closer. "You said and did everything right..." His phone began to ring. He did not even look at it before switching it off. He paused again.

"Chinedu, please tell me. Whatever it is, just say it!"

"OK, OK." Chinedu took another deep breath. "I want to marry you Iphey, I want you to be my wife..."

Her lips were rounding open by this time. Iphey's breath came quick and fast, and she pressed both their hands under her breast as if to stop her racing heart.

"Iphey will you marry me?"


Well, the story is rolling along quickly isn't it? I love the direction of the closing of the series but I have to warn you that this is the eye of the storm. Dangerous events are brewing I tell you. Anyways, leave your comments and vote for the next chapter.

Our main contributor is Tisha. You all know Tisha, she has contributed before and this is another collabo with her. I have to say she is improving very quickly. Watch out for that talent.

Till the next time, have fun peeps. Enjoy the coming weekend.


  1. So so SWEET! Hey! Iphey catch your breath and give the guy the answer - yes!

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    Thumbs up Myne & Tisha, great job!

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  5. I sense the person who wrote this writes a lot of poetry... The conversation was so poetic... If only stuff happened like this in real life... All these men... "I love you" "I love you too". FINISH. lol

    Me I no know sha... I will never sanction marrying someone after dating for three months, even if the guy is charming, intelligent and sexyfine like Chinedu (yes, I made a new word, sue me!) I don't know how I feel about this... Definitely in character sha- cos people do sudden things like this when in love... Hmmm... Let's see...

    Abeg o... na my eye dey decieve me? IS THIS THE LAST IN THE SEASON???

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  9. Don't worry ask me and I'd say.. 'YES!'
    Lol, well the way the story is told revisits romance and even though this might be a familiar story, it has a unique originality that does not make it boring..
    It portrays true and sincere feelings..
    You picture it in your mind, its vivid even;
    Weldone Myne and Tisha!

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    @F, the end is coming but not yet. :)

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