Still heartbroken seven years later?

Asks Amy of AMY READS in her review.

The story begins in 2009 when Efe lives in Abuja and Kevwe lives in Lagos, and they are both pining for each other. Seven years ago they both feel that they were betrayed by the other and have been heartbroken ever since. They can’t stop thinking of each other, haven’t been able to move on, and are always thinking about the past events of their lives.

Like in A Heart to Mend, I really liked that we get the story from both Kevwe and Efe’s perspectives. Additionally though in this story the narrative switches between present day events and the story of how they met and what transpired. In a way I liked how this was done, it really kept up the suspense of wanting to know what happened seven years ago and how they can both feel so hurt and betrayed.


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