Love is Everything - ALR review

Tea Norman at BOOK PAGE reviews A Love Rekindled

Myne Whitman took me on a roller coast ride through the lives of these lovers and their families. Her book made me think about love found is not necessarily easy to catch or keep. For these two people it almost becomes not a love rekindled but one lost forever. Thank goodness for the people who supported them. There is Kevwe's twin brother, Ofure. He is a doctor of medicine. There is Efe's friend, Nneke. There is Stanley who wants Efe himself. She does not love him. Thankfully, he pulls himself together after her rejection to help her out of another difficult situation.

In the end I must say love is a powerful force. Perhaps, Efe discovered this while humming "The Only One by BB Winans and Eternal." I do know all those who listened to the love beating in their hearts became stronger people in the end proving old hatreds can die and stay dead in a dark grave. It is up to us, the people on Planet Earth. We must make the choice


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