AuthorHouse Published Author, Myne Whitman

"So What Made Whitman Choose the Romance Genre?

As with many authors the most natural writing flows when you are depicting something you are genuinely passionate about. Whitman is passionate about, well, passion. She is a “great believer in love” and considers herself “lucky to meet and marry the love of [her] life.” Her writing is a reflection of her real life romance and contrast between the “drizzling winter rains” of her present home and her “dreams of the long, hot days” in her native Nigeria.

An Inspiration to Her Fellow Nigerian Writers

Whitman recognizes the difficulties facing Nigerian writers in gaining recognition for her work. Seeing her success, she was contacted by a number of aspiring Nigerian authors asking for help and advice. Whitman’s response was to create Naijastories. Nigerian writers can join this community and connect with one another, agents, published authors and the general public to find ways to gain their own recognition.

“It was my way of saying to Nigerian writers and other writers that you’re not alone, you just have to keep writing and one day your voice will be heard.”"

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