Author Q&A Series: with Miss Ojikutu

"As she launches Volume one of the Naija Stories anthology: ‘Of Tears and Kisses, Heroes and Villains’, Myne takes time out to share her thoughts on how she’s spectarcularly exceeded her modest forecast of  selling a hundred  copies of her first book; The hi-falutin minds of the Nobel Prize panel; and The Road that, sadly, remains famished despite having claimed the Booker Prize. 

Which of your major characters would you like to be trapped on a desert island with?

I find Kevwe, the main character in my second novel, A Love Rekindled, very intriguing. He’s strong and at the same time is very open with his emotions, not afraid to admit his sensitive, something most men are loath to do. I’ll definitely like to spend some more time with him.

What is the first thing you remember writing? 

Apart from the usual compositions in primary school, I remember writing short stories about two girls getting into adventures during travels with their parents in Nigeria. I must have been between 10 and 13 then. Unfortunately, since we moved cities and homes, I don’t know where those early writings are now."

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