Grow Your Blogger Audience and Traffic With Google+

If you're still using the Google Friend Connect gadget on your blog, it may be time to remove it like I did on Romance Meets Life. Google has decided to lay that service to rest to boost their new social networking platform, Google+.

So, in order to grow and showcase your followers more effectively, I will suggest you replace it with the new Google+ followers gadget. The Google+ followers gadget gives you all your favorite Google Friend Connect features, and more:

- Allow visitors to become followers with a single click
- Notify your followers whenever you share to Google+
- Showcase your following on both your blog and Google+

You can add the gadget in four easy steps:

1. Select the 'Google+' tab and connect your blog(s) to Google+ if you haven't already

2. Select the ‘Layout’ tab

3. Click ‘Add a Gadget’

4. Select the Google+ followers gadget

You're good to go.